Инстаграм: Джеки Перез

Инстаграм: Джеки Перез

В этом выпуске обновления от Джеки Перез, замечательной Кроссфит спортсменки, которая даст фору любому мужчине!


Last one  who’s gonna do boxing with me now since da boys leavin?? @mjhamid01 you da best! you sexy mo fo!


He he he dirty shirtless workout with the @katiehogan777 today. I can actually say today was fun! Good times


Last day boxing with these hunks! @jtripp37 and @elbravo_50 with a blurry flexing photobomb.


15.4 done! In the books but probably a redo! Spicy but I liked it! I liked the standard on This one! It really made you slow down and really do a good handstand push up. Im sure most of us will end up with a few no reps! contest guess my score and win an @caffeineandkilos beanie! Rules: you must be registered for the open and you must be following @caffeineandkilos ! I will ask for proof of both!!!


Kiiiikoooo! @elbravo_50 gonna miss Ya! Con quien voy hablar español cuando tu te vas?! (Or something like that) it’s been fun beating @mjhamid01 up with you guys! Good luck! See you soon! Ladies, you’re welcome for all the sexy men pics from today the boys on my ig can’t be havin all the fun!!  he he. Good tjmes @csagym doing some #boxing @cal_strength Kiko reppin dat @caffeineandkilos



Because it’s Sunday and I miss you Karlo!